Amethyst Crescent Moon

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This one-of-a-kind Amethyst piece has small to large crystal formations, color variations from violet to deep purple, and is shaped like a crescent moon! It makes a powerful showpiece on any altar, in any sacred space.

Amethyst stimulates the Crown, Third Eye, and etheric chakras, making it an excellent stone for meditation and divination. Lightworkers, Priestesses and healers all can benefit from the high frequency energy this gemstone emits.  It is a healing stone as well, stimulating intuitive medicine and soothing ailments of all kinds. Placing an Amethyst geode in your home, meditation room, or healing center clears the space of negativity and is said to provide a “bubble of Light” that leaves you feeling protected and surrounded with high, sweet energy.

This piece measures 8″ length and 4″width. It weighs close to 2 lbs.

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