Amethyst Tumbled Stones Set


This crystal is known the All-Healer, as it aids in the healing of any ailment of the mind, body and spirit.Amethyst helps you in releasing bad habits and overcoming addictions of all kinds by clearing your energetic field of negativity and attachments. A meditative crystal, it opens your third eye, stimulates your intuition, and aids in divination practices. Amethyst is considered to be an ally of St. Germaine, and a stone of the Violet Flame. It builds a cocoon of light around your aura, providing spiritual protection and alignment with your highest good.

Amethyst crystal is also a stone of creativity, and is thought to stimulate the imagination for artistic endeavors. Keep this crystal in your studio, on your desk, or on your person to awaken your creativity.

3 stones in set.

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