The Ascended Masters – Jesus, Buddha, Saint Germaine, and so many more – are the enlightened beings devoted to helping humanity on the path to spiritual awakening. Their teachings embody the energy of wisdom, compassion, truth, and unconditional love. The Ascended Masters work with you as guides, in support and defense of your soul to aid you in manifesting your destiny, and connect you to the Source of All.

An enlightened blend of cypress, cinnamon, and marigold essential oils in a rosewater base.

2 ounce bottle


Sacred God Mists are magickally-blended aromatherapy sprays to connect with the Divine Masculine. Each spray contains deionized water that is ceremonially blessed under the appropriate sun and moon with the evoked and invoked essence of the God, essential oils, and flower and crystal essences.

Spray this mist around your aura, home, or ritual space to cleanse and bless with the energy of the God.