Beyond the Veil Crystal Set


This Opalite mini-skull and obsidian mirror offer a glimpse into the unknown.

Opalite enhances spiritual communication, and is ideal for meditation and trancework. It removes energy blockages in the mind, body, and spirit, as well as strengthening and balancing the chakras.

The Obsidian mirror is a powerful Priestess tool for scrying, shamanic visioning, and oracle work. Using this crystal in magickal proceedings will help you tap into your powers of intuition and heighten your divination skills. The obsidian mirror can be used as a doorway between the worlds, and used to tap into the Akashic records, as well as repelling negativity in all its forms. Obsidian also provides mystical protection, exposes your ego motivations, empowers manifestation rituals, and aligns your actions with Divine Will.

This round mirror measures 2 inches.

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