Celestial Light Crystal Grid


The Celestial Light Crystal Grid brings forth the magick of the Heavenly Feminine while opening your crown chakra to receive wisdom and guidance. This grid opens your mind, body and spirit to your highest blessings through the power of selenite and clear quartz. It is suitable for use in connection with any Goddess of Light (Sophia, Inanna, Shakti, etc) or as a powerful altar piece.

This set includes:
• 1 Selenite sphere, 2.5” diameter, stand included (Akashic records, spiritual connection, unconditional love of and from the Divine)
• 5 white selenite, tumbled (clearing negative energy, instilling peace and calm)
• 5 orange selenite, tumbled (active faith and manifestation, opening the pathways)
• 20 clear quartz, tumbled (manifestation, clearing negative energy, Master crystal)

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