DURGA Boundaries and Protection Set


Durga is the Hindu Goddess of Protection, the Warrior Mother who teaches that when we are spiritually, physically, or emotionally attacked, we have a right to defend ourselves. Durga brandishes her trident and sword to slice away all that threatens your wellbeing, and guides you to what will truly serve your wholeness. She says, “I am your guardian, whenever you call.”

This set includes:

  • One 2oz Durga Goddess Mista blend of pink lotus, turmeric, and ylang ylang essential oils in a mugwort and sage base.
  • One dram of Durga Protection Oil
  • One 1 inch selenite sphere (connection to the astral, peace, calm, healing)
  • Three Fire Jasper crystals, tumbled (overcoming personal difficulty, setting boundaries, stability and courage)
  • Two Black Tourmaline stones, raw (protection, boundaries, grounding in truth and courage)
  • Ritual Suggestions and Instructions, PDF format

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