Goddess Divinations – Monthly Guidance with Priestess Brandi Auset


Are you ready to embrace your Divine Feminine wisdom?

Goddess Divinations with Priestess Brandi Auset are a dedicated, personalized way for you to commune with the Goddesses and unveil Their wisdom for your life.

Brandi offers her 20+ years of experience as a High Priestess and intuitive reader to provide you with monthly guidance and support on your journey towards happiness and sacred living. These monthly reading packages are designed to honor your energy, and create a sacred relationship between you and the Divine Feminine.


On the first day of every month, Priestess Brandi Auset will enter into a ritual space and divine the celestial Goddess who will be supporting you during those 30 days.

You will receive a PDF report directly in your inbox the first week of every month, containing a discussion of the Goddess and Her mythology, a sacred ritual practice for you to invoke Her energy, and a personalized message from the Goddess to you. Also included is a list of crystals and essential oils which you can use to deepen your relationship with the Divine Feminine during the course of the month.

3 month subscription: $150

6 month subscription: $275 (save $25)


In addition to everything in the MOON package, you’ll receive a customized Goddess Ritual Kit, specifically designed for you and your Goddess of the month. Ritual Kits will include aromatherapy mists, crystals, incense, and a surprise gift, all intuitively chosen to align with your needs and your Goddess’ energy. Plus free shipping!

3 month subscription: $303

6 month subscription: $555 (save $51)



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After you’ve completed the checkout process, Brandi will email you within 24 hours to request your information and supply the details of your monthly reading.

View the photo gallery for Ritual Kit examples!

About Priestess Brandi Auset:

Brandi’s intuitive gifts came early in life – she has seen and heard spirits and guides since she was a small child. Her early adult years were filled with seminars, classes, private training, personal and spiritual journeys that led to her true path. Through the blessings of the Goddess, the assistance of her Guides, and the attention of amazing instructors, Priestess Auset learned to hone her gifts, and how to use them for the benefit of herself and others.   Read More…