Gold and Silver Aura Quartz Set


Aura Quartz is created by electrostatically bonding precious metals such as gold, platinum, or silver onto the surface of natural Clear Quartz points or clusters.

This beautiful set calls for the the energies of joy and peace, as well as the richness of a fulfilling life.

The Silver Aura Quartz offers the energies of the moon aligned with the Divine Feminine, creating a powerful and beautiful stone. It awakens the practitioner to the supernatural while offering a gentle understanding of cosmic mysteries.  As silver is also a metal of abundance and prosperity, this crystal also attracts “the good things” into your life, and helps you to keep them.

The Gold Aura Quartz offers the vibration of solar energy and the Sacred Masculine. It is an active stone, magnetically calling abundance and prosperity to you. This crystal creates a feeling of success and adventure, inspiring you to seek the treasures of the known and unknown worlds. Gold aligns you with wealth, and activates your mind, body, and spirit to acknowledge your true worth.

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