Intimate Bliss eCourse


INTIMATE BLISS: Exploring Your Sacred Sensual Self

A life of intimate bliss. Doesn’t that sound divine?

As sacred, sexual beings, we crave experiences of pleasure, of passion. A life where our hearts’ desires are aligned with our spiritual mind. A life where we can embrace and express our sensuality and sexuality without shame.

The first step to a life of intimate bliss is to recognize our bodies and our desires as holy, sacred things, and learn to create an intimate relationship with our inner self. This glorious style of self-love paves the road to complete sexual health and satisfaction. When we truly know our own hearts and bodies, and live from that luscious space of pleasure, everything we do becomes an experience of intimate bliss.

In this 21 day course, we will explore the sacred sexual pathways to self-love, our sensual desires, and discover how to create passionate connections between the physical body and the spiritual world.

Course Content Includes:

  • Lessons on Self Love and Sensual Expression
  • Discussions of Orgasms and Sacred Sexual Practices
  • Techniques for Self Touch and Solo Sex Magick
  • Journal, Photo, and Art Prompts
  • Connections to Sacred Sexual Deities and Altar Creation

This is a guided, self study (complete at your pace) workshop, with 8 sections released over 21 days.

Course is hosted on an online platform, courtesy of