KALI MA Goddess Mist


KALI MA The Hindu Goddess of Freedom

Kali eases her way into your subconscious to aid you in facing your fears. When you succumb to worry, stress, or depression, you give unhealthy fears power over your mind and spirit. Kali guides you to discover the negative thoughts and habits which no longer serve you, and brings them into the light of conscious understanding. True freedom is realized when you recognize that you are a Divine being, and that fear in any form prevents you from being your authentic self. Kali says, “Freedom embraces those who honor their power above their fears.”

An aromatherapeutic blend of sandalwood, cinnamon, and star anise essential oils.


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Goddess Mists are magickally-blended aromatherapy sprays to connect with the Divine Feminine. Each spray contains deionized water that is ceremonially blessed under the appropriate moon with the evoked and invoked essence of the Goddess, essential oils, and flower and crystal essences.

Spray this mist around your aura, home, or ritual space to cleanse and bless with the energy of the Goddess.