LAKSHMI Goddess Mist


LAKSHMI The Hindu Goddess of Abundance

Lakshmi instructs you how to recognize and live life from abundance. When thoughts of poverty, scarcity, and lack dominate the consciousness, it is impossible to manifest the blessings of prosperity into your life. Lakshmi reminds you to appreciate the every-day miracles, and opens your awareness to the flow of abundance in the universe. When you are open to the flow of abundance, you attract its gifts of health, wealth, and love in all forms. Lakshmi says, “There is more than enough.”

An aromatherapeutic blend of saffron, pink lotus, and lemongrass essential oils.

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Goddess Mists are magickally-blended aromatherapy sprays to connect with the Divine Feminine. Each spray contains deionized water that is ceremonially blessed under the appropriate moon with the evoked and invoked essence of the Goddess, essential oils, and flower and crystal essences.

Spray this mist around your aura, home, or ritual space to cleanse and bless with the energy of the Goddess.