Meet Your Goddess Intuitive Reading


Discover the specific Goddess energy that has been supporting you since birth, and continues to influence you throughout your life.

Priestess Auset connects intuitively to your Akashic records to discern the Divine Feminine vibration that continues to bring you wholeness and happiness lifetime after lifetime.

This reading includes a brief discussion of the Goddess, Her message for you, and ritual/spiritual practice suggestions, all in a PDF format. You will receive a list of crystals and essential oils which you can use to connect with your Goddess.

This reading is only available via email.



After you’ve completed the checkout process, Brandi will email you within 24 hours to request your information and/or set an appointment time. Upon receiving your reply, email readings will be delivered within 48 hours of purchase.


Brandi’s intuitive gifts came early in life – she has seen and heard spirits and guides since she was a small child. Her early adult years were filled with seminars, classes, private training, personal and spiritual journeys that led to her true path. Through the blessings of the Goddess, the assistance of her Guides, and the attention of amazing instructors, Priestess Auset learned to hone her gifts, and how to use them for the benefit of herself and others.   Read More…