Obsidian Yoni Egg


Obsidian is a powerful cleanser of stagnant energy, anger, depression, and trauma. It helps to clear negative thoughts, habits, and attachments while guiding you to the root causes, providing a pathway for transformation. This stone aids in embracing the shadow side of your personality without subduing your inner light, and can cleanse past life cords and karma. Obsidian also removes energetic blockages from your chakras, exposes your ego motivations, empowers manifestation rituals, and aligns your actions with Divine Will.

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All our yoni eggs are medium sized (around 2”- 2.25″ long, 1.5″-1.75” wide). As crystals are one of a kind entities, each unique in color placement and design, your egg will vary in appearance. We have researched to ensure the best quality and materials for safe internal use; however, internal use is at your own discretion and RED Wholistic is not responsible for adverse spiritual or physical reactions. Do not use if you are pregnant. Due to the intimate nature of this product, all purchase are final – exchanges, returns, and/or refunds are NOT offered. However, if there is a serious problem in the quality of your egg, please contact us.