Orisha Goddess Gift Set


The Orisha Goddess Gift Set allows you to embrace the flowing, liberating, and seductive energy of the Yoruban Divine Feminine. Invoke the blessings of Oba, Oshun, and Oya into your life and sacred space.

This set includes:
One 2oz Oba Goddess Mist
One 2oz Oshun Goddess Mist
One 2oz Oya Goddess Mist
One Amethyst crystal, tumbled (intuition, peace, wisdom)
One Chrysocolla crystal, tumbled (divine feminine, water energy, love)
One Green Calcite, raw (heart energy, prosperity, business success)
One Orange Calcite, raw (creativity, sexuality, self empowerment)
Three Cowrie shells (the yoni, sensuality, feminine mysteries)

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