OYA Orisha Goddess Crystal Grid


Oya is the Orisha Goddess of Yoruban and West African traditions. She is the personification of wind and storms, ranging from gentle breezes to hurricanes depending on Her temper.  A fierce and powerful warrior, Oya is the guardian of the cemetery gates and the power of change and transformation. She carries a sword or machete to cut away the past and make way for the future.  Oya is also a Goddess of commerce, supplying marketplaces and retail business with wealth and success.  She vehemently protects women from conflict and poverty.

This grid includes:

  • 1 Copper sphere (inspires business success, amplifies energy and vibrations, attracts prosperity)
  • 9 Amethyst crystals, tumbled (intuition, third eye, ancestor communication)
  • 9 Charoite tumbled stones (emotional balance, intuition, third eye, removes fear)
  • 9 Clear Quartz crystals, tumbled (manifestation, clearing negative energy, Master crystal)
  • 9 Garnet gemstones, tumbled (sensuality, abundance and prosperity, passion)


The Oya Goddess Mist can be added to your order, to use as an activation spray for this powerful crystal grid.

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