PERSEPHONE Goddess Crystal Grid


Persephone, Greek Goddess of Light and Shadow

The Persephone crystal grid can act as an offering and mystical portal to the Spring Maiden and Queen of the Underworld. Use to claim your power, embrace your shadow self, and bring balance to your emotions, desires, and relationships.

This set includes:

17 Rainbow Hematite tumbled stones (acceptance, manifestation, connecting to other realms)
13 Peridot tumbled gemstones (relationships, instilling calm, heart chakra)
11 Gold Rutilated Quartz tumbled stones (identifying desires, manifestation, activation)
6 Garnet tumbled gemstones (love, devotion, manifestation)
3 Black Agate tumbled stones (protection, courage, overcoming fear and loneliness)
1 Copper Sphere ( magnification, activation, power of self)
Persephone Affirmations and Grid Layout Templates PDF

The Persephone Goddess Mist can be added to your order, to use as an activation spray for this stunning grid.

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