Pleasure Practices: Self Care for the Sacred Woman eCourse


Is it time for you to embrace the pleasures of self care?

Self care is a sacred and vital part of a living a full and voluptuous life.  When you identify your own needs, and take the time to honor them, you open yourself to the divine feelings of support and self-love.

Pleasure heals. Acts of pleasure – whether they focus on your mind, body, or heart – reignite your spirit and create a belief in your worthiness, your importance, your value. And from this space of confidence, you attract happy, more vibrant life experiences, adventures that arouse your senses and awaken your bliss.

We show the world how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves.

So often we put ourselves on the backburner, spending our time and energy caring for our family, our friends, our world. We give until we are empty, which can leave us feeling drained, frigid, and depressed.

We forget that we must show ourselves the same compassion, attention, and love we are so willing to give to everyone else.

In this 30 day course, you will learn simple but effective rituals and techniques to embrace the pleasures of self-care and sensual nourishment. Every other day you’ll receive an activity designed to tap you into passionate self care, to help you feel cherished, balanced, and nurtured.

Make the dedication to care for yourself in sacred, pleasurable ways!


Course content includes:

  • Self Massage Techniques
  • Yoni Wisdom
  • Herbal Tonic Recipes
  • Guided Meditations and Yoga Practices
  • Chakra Balancing Activities
  • Sensuality Rituals and Activities

and much more!

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This course is self paced, and you receive the first lesson as soon as you register.

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