RADHA Goddess Mist


RADHA, Hindu Goddess of Love

The loyal devotee and celestial wife of the god Krishna, Radha is the personification of love between humanity and the Divine, as well as the passion between woman and man.  She is the joy of affection, the allure of intimacy, and the unwavering devotion found in the depths of love.  Radha teaches the selflessness that comes with loving unconditionally, as well as the sacredness of sexual desire. She says, “Your love will be fulfilled.”

A sacred blend of rose geranium, saffron, and  lotus essential oils in blessed rosewater.

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Goddess Mists are magickally-blended aromatherapy sprays to connect with the Divine Feminine. Each spray contains deionized water that is ceremonially blessed under the appropriate moon with the evoked and invoked essence of the Goddess, essential oils, and flower and crystal essences.

Spray this mist around your aura, home, or ritual space to cleanse and bless with the energy of the Goddess.