Ritual Bath Kits


Immerse yourself in Sacred Waters…

Allow the healing energy of plants, herbs, salts and oils to surround you, infuse you with these magickal Ritual Bath Kits.

Each kit comes with a single dose of enchanted bath salt mixture and a blessed essential oil blend to anoint your head, hands, and feet after bathing. Use the muslin bag to hold your salts and herbs if you don’t wish to clean out the tub after!

Love Magick is a blend of Mediterranean Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, hibiscus, pink roses, and lemongrass. It is designed to open and cleanse the Heart chakra, and attract love to you in every form. This kit includes one dram of Healing Heart Anointing Oil (rose geranium, helichrysum, and rose de mai).

Purify and Protect is a blend of Mediterranean Sea Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, angelica, juniper berries, vervain, and sage. It is designed to cleanse negative energy from your body and aura, while creating an energetic shield against further disturbances.  This kit includes one dram of Protection Anointing Oil (sage, black spruce, and cinnamon).