Scrying Priestess Gift Set


Scying is a form of divination practiced by intuitives, spiritualists, and oracles to see symbols, visions, and images of past, present, and future lives. This gift set is the perfect starter kit for any practitioner desiring to gaze into the unknown, and see what is unseen. The Mugwort and Sage Sacred Mist cleanses energetic residue from your crystals, as well as your physical and spiritual bodies while opening your third eye and creating a magickal atmosphere.

Obsidian and Selenite are common crystals for beginning scryers, as they carry a high vibration of etheric energy, and activate the intuitive centers.

This set includes:

  • One 2oz bottle of Mugwort and Sage Sacred Mist (a magickal blend of mugwort, sage, Four Thieves essential oil blend in moon-blessed waters)
  • One Obsidian sphere, 2.5” diameter (unlocking mysteries, protection, magick)
  • One Selenite sphere 2” diameter (divine connection, spiritual worlds, energetic cleansing)

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