The OM Gift Set


Enhance your meditations and ritual practice with this mist and crystal set dedicated to the Hindu Goddesses and Gods. Kali Ma for freedom and liberation, Sarasvati for creativity, Lakshmi for abundance, and Ganesha to remove obstacles from all of the above!

This set includes:

  • One 2 oz Kali Ma Goddess Mist Goddess of Freedom and Liberation. A blend of sandalwood, cinnamon, and star anise essential oils in Moon-blessed water.
  • One 2 oz Lakshmi Goddess MistGoddess of Abundance and Prosperity. A blend of pink lotus, saffron, and lemongrass in Moon-blessed water.
  • One 2 oz Saraswati Goddess MistGoddess of Creativity and Inspiration. An aromatherapeutic blend of water lily, geranium, and white lotus essential oils.
  • One 10ml Ganesha Sacred God Anointing OilThe Remover of Obstacles. An aromatic blend of rose geranium, vetiver, and orange essential oils in Sun-blessed water.
  • 1 Carnelian gemstone, tumbled (sexuality, creativity, expression)
  • 1 Yellow Obsidian crystal, tumbled (clears the way for abundance, happiness, protection)
  • 2 Black Shiva Lingams (masculine energy, liberation, protection, cosmic mysteries)

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