YEMAYA Orisha Goddess Altar Set


The Yemaya Altar Set channels the magick of the Seven Seas, and the Mother Orisha’s nurturing, healing nature.  The keeper of mysteries and a guardian of women, Yemaya represents the power of the ocean: the divine womb that supports and nourishes life, and the fierce tsunami that inspires change and emotional transformation.

This set includes:

  • One 2 oz Yemaya Goddess Mist – An aromatherapeutic blend of lemongrass, lavender, and frangipani essential oils in a watermelon water base.
  • 3 Selenite crystals, tumbled (clearing negative, spiritual connection, divinity)
  • 1 Blue Calcite, large raw altar crystal (peace and calm, healing, expanding intuition, dream magick)
  • 1 naturally harvested seashell (power of the ocean, hidden treasures, joy)

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