YEMAYA Orisha Goddess Crystal Grid


The Yemaya Crystal Grid channels the magick of the Seven Seas, and the Mother Orisha’s nurturing, healing nature.  The keeper of mysteries and a guardian of women, Yemaya represents the power of the ocean: the divine womb that supports and nourishes life, and the fierce tsunami that inspires change and emotional transformation.

This grid includes:

  • 1 Selenite sphere, .5” diameter, stand included (clearing negative, spiritual connection, divinity)
  • 7 Blue Calcite, raw crystal (peace and calm, healing, expanding intuition, dream magick)
  • 11 Peridot gemstones (transformation, releasing the past, emotional well-being)
  • 15 naturally harvested seashells, variety (power of the ocean, hidden treasures, joy)

The Yemaya Goddess Mist can be added to your order, to use as an activation spray for this powerful crystal grid.

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