Energetic Cleansings

Energetic Cleansings

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Brandi offers a Priestess-centered method of energy healing and transformation. Within a blend of Reiki, Pranic Healing, crystal grid work, aromatherapy, and Divine Spirit energies, the session focuses on removing blockages while awakening you to the deeper aspects of your Self.

As energy medicine treats the whole body and not just the symptoms, a healing session can assist in the treatments of physical and emotional conditions, as the energy reinforces the body and spirit’s ability to heal itself.

In a distance session, Brandi sends the healing energy to you at a specified day and time. The session can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, and can be directed towards an explicit purpose (such as blockage removal, chakra balancing, decision making, protection, etc) or performed as a general healing and blessing.

In a general healing session, the energy moves through your astral and physical body, releasing stress and restoring your natural rhythms, all while nurturing your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies to their highest vibration.

In a focused session, Brandi sends the energy with your specific intention in mind, guiding the healing to manifest your desires.

You can sit in meditation during the session, or continue your daily activities as usual. The only requirement is your being open to receive the energy!

Each energy healing includes personal communication from Brandi, explaining the work done during your session and any intuitive messages received for you during the process.


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