Retrograde Remedy Mist and Crystal Set

Retrograde Remedy Mist and Crystal Set

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Breathe into the transformation that Retrograde offers, instead of fighting against it!

Mercury Retrograde can be a time of great change and discomfort, where life seems to be speeding up beyond our control, or slowing down to the point of stagnation. Technology malfunctions, plans fall through, communication stutters, money starts acting funny.

But the turmoil and discomfort caused by Mercury Retrograde can be alleviated by modifying your energy, aura, and perspective.

This illuminating aromatherapy spray contains essential oils and gem essences to help raise and shift your energy, so your mind, body, and spirit are operating at a higher vibration than Mercury in its retrograde period. This auric shift elevates your heart and spirit, making it easier for you to identify and maneuver around the drama caused by Mercury’s shadow.

Each 1-ounce spray comes with a piece of tumbled rainbow hematite and a piece of tumbled clear quartz for you to carry and meditate with, to help you keep those pesky Mercury energies and tech troubles at bay.

A balanced and protective blend of white grapefruit, rosemary, and white lotus essential oils with diamond and rainbow hematite gem essences.